Register as a HomeChef

“Healthylicious” food. Everyday. Everywhere.

How does it work?

HomeChefs are an integral part of our business model. Together we aspire to provide our customers hygienic homemade delicious food.
To achieve this, we attempt to partner with the best homeChefs. We not only look for good taste in food but the overall experience. The ideal experience consists of – Hygiene, Taste and Simplicity.
If you love cooking, and want to provide a heartfelt homely food experience to people of your community, we would love to have you onboard.

Steps to Onboard

First Step : The Cook needs to give us a call and post that we will verify 3 basic details – Address, Ethnicity, Veg/Non-Veg.
We then ask homeChef to apply for FSSAI petty FBO registration.
Click here to complete your registration process.
Our home chefs need to be a housewife and should not be working other office jobs.

Second Step : If approved then we set up a Kitchen visit for hygiene and authentication purposes. We collect documentation like FSSAI registration number, Passport/Aadhar card softcopy, PAN Card details.

Third Step : If approved then you are given a partner ID and Voila! You are ready to take orders.
We start pushing orders to you that come from Foozingers in your area. 

Note : Post getting partner ID you are asked to submit your BANK details where you would like to get the payout.